Thursday, September 5, 2013

Remote Skype Audit

Technology has come a long way…it has come to rescue to a lot of people and organizations. It is rightfully said by the great ancient Greeks - from where this word originated- Technology is art, skill, cunning of hand… In the earlier times, people refused to believe the scientists when the showed that the world was round because according to the lay man, he was treading on a flat path without having to bend his ways or notion to believe that probably he was leaving a curved way behind him and wondered after walking for miles “where the heck did that spot go from where I started?”...hmmm, he continues to scratch his head but continues to walk without solving the problem while the ‘brave new world’ eventually left everyone to “..Wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is…” But once again, the technology has stepped in making it convenient in narrowing the wide world by making the process of learning easier, convenient and without having to deal with long hours of travelling and also bravely under scrutinize the expense without an inch of worry attached to it… The two subjects that have helped us make it more interactive for the teacher with his students – Distance Learning, and the other, where inspection has become more simple and convenient way to deliver without having to travel long hours and incur it’s expense and the time too is well-coordinated [Remote Audit] – the credit only goes to technology…cunning of hand or mind or just being plain smart about the methodology and the way to use it to your advantage without harming the environment or hampering other people’s business or your own…{FYI – One second – didn’t we just successfully manage the basic foundation of Quality Management…}.. Anyhow, let’s analyze the two new introductions into our system and how we’ve worked around it and how much it was of help to us and to our clients:- Remote Audit@Penflex USP – We audited Vietnam all the way from US without travelling to the city of the largest population of motorbikers. Answer to the Guess – Technology Method – video conferencing Process – Remote Audit Sharing Details:- This was a pioneering audit for Penflex. The audit was conducted remotely via video conference and all documents, processes and controls identified using scanning and live video feed of the facility at Penflex Vietnam from the Penflex corporate headquarters at Gilberstsville. It was easier to interact with the person concerned on the shop floor and “walk around” the place via net which was as good as checking it out in person in Vietnam. If there was anything in particular that we needed to see or crosscheck like the safety precaution notice on the shop floor, or the identity of the designated person, the machines and instruments used on the shop floor, etc. Facilitate Auditee present at Penflex, Vietnam would immediately click from her Ipad and there and then email it to us for all of us (QMII & Penflex, US) to see. Once the inspection of the shop floor was through, we got a chance to interview the Plant Manager and the Quality Manager of Penflex, Vietnam which was facilitated by us successfully via video conferencing even though in between there was a slight network signal issue, but invariably, it did not trammel the procedure of Remote Audit.